a letter to my daughter

A letter to my future daughter

Dear Love,

I knew you were a woman the moment I realized I was pregnant. I am yet to meet you but I already love you. I already feel you. I know that you carry the essence of those before you and that is what makes you special to me. There are signs of you all around me. I am so humbled and scared and surprised as we wait for your arrival.

I hope you grow and are nourished by the simple things: the cool breeze of autumn, mountain views, the sounds of the ocean, the affection of animals and the rhythms of nature. We are often so thrown off of that rhythm because of high pressured jobs, financial strain, the ease yet disconnect of technology, and the constant access to instant satisfaction. Little girl, I hope that you will know how to slow down and breathe through it all; how to truly experience fresh air and not take it for granted. In a world that is full of expectation of more, I hope you will know when to stop and say – “This, right now, is enough.”

I hope you can walk down a street in a country foreign to you and appreciate its uniqueness without judgement. I hope you understand the emotion behind words in any language, and can laugh with those you do not know or understand yet. There are so many people in the world and each of their stories carries a thread that you can weave into your own narrative and learn from. I hope that you ask strangers enough questions to put them at ease; they will let you in and you will make their life better, even if it’s for a few moments.

I hope that you know how to love without conditions and apprehension. I hope you see the possibility of loss and rejection and love in spite of it. I hope you regret nothing because you’ve always done your best. I hope you know how to say “I’m sorry” and really mean it. I hope your dad and I can support your passions in ways that enlighten you to burn brighter with each challenge and each success.

I hope you hear the music of the ages and dance to the melody of right now. I hope you see the history and beauty of all things art and can paint your life with your own experiences. I hope you play and move and challenge your body knowing that many have done so before you. You will give your motion new flavor and authenticity without trying to be too much like anyone else.

I will stand by you, I will push you, and I will let you figure things out on your own. I will teach you how to be a woman who can save the world with her passion, her words, her strength and her intelligence. I hope that you feel free to do as you see fit in spite of other’s opinions, I hope that no person slows you down and makes you feel less than whole. I hope that you let others help you in your pursuits towards a better world. People forget that they need each other sometimes but they do. They need each other and they need Mother Earth. They need knowledge and they need space just to be. They need silence and they need to dance and scream and be loud. They need a chance to create and build together. So, be that example for others especially if no one else is.

Compassion, empathy, love, silver linings, second chances, grass, mountains, beaches, singing, campfires, hugs, amazing food, sharing secrets, a whole lot of firsts. I want all of that for you and more. Your dad and I will make this happen for you, you watch. Just let us into your world once in a while and let’s do this life together.


  1. Karen Lausa

    What a beautiful testament to your own beliefs and priorities, which will be mirrored in your daughter’s eyes… if every child entered the world with as much love as you share in this letter, there would be safer and happier children everywhere. What a lucky, lovely girl she will be! You are already a beautiful warrior for your little one. I’m so happy for you and Mike!

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